• Design/Build


    One entity. One contract. Streamlined workflow with you in the driver’s seat. Design/Build is the fastest growing method used in construction projects today. Unlike traditional construction models, the owner needs to manage only one contract and hold them accountable. The designer and builder work together as a unified team from the beginning of the project through completion. This makes the project agile with any changes addressed by the entire team immediately. No finger pointing. No blame game. Design/Build is a culture change and will likely play a part in your next project.

  • Owner’s Representative

    Owner’s Representative

    What if someone on your team was a contractor with construction project supervision experience, deep contacts in the industry and a mind for budgets and schedules? Well, you’d let him run your next build project, wouldn’t you? That’s the Owner’s Representative model. They’re an expert you hire that works for you and represents your interests. They are your eyes and ears through the contracting process and on the job site. A planner. A fixer. A problem solver. Your right hand.

  • Construction Management

    Construction Management

    Construction Management is similar to the Owner’s Representative model in that a Ivy Development can act as a Construction Project Manager engaged to act as your representative throughout the entire construction process, from coordination of the initial bidding process to on-site supervision and construction schedule management. We will manage cost control and cash flow projections through to onsite review and project completion leading to handing you the keys to your new building. When we partner with you as Construction Managers you’ll know exactly what you are paying for through separate contracts with the construction manager and the trade contractors with payment based on fixed fees.

  • Competitive Bid

    Competitive Bid

    In a Competitive Bid situation, you’re counting on Ivy’s experience tightly managing budgets and driving the best prices in the market on quality labor and supplies. Mission accomplished. With three decades of practical construction experience behind us, we can punch above our weight on price and capability. We combine this with our famous service the big boys can’t deliver.