One entity. One contract. Streamlined workflow with you in the driver’s seat. Design/Build is the fastest growing method used in construction projects today. Unlike traditional construction models, the owner needs to manage only one contract and hold them accountable. The designer and builder work together as a unified team from the beginning of the project through completion. This makes the project agile with any changes addressed by the entire team immediately. No finger pointing. No blame game. Design/Build is a culture change and will likely play a part in your next project.



Ivy Development handles it all for you as your dedicated, single point of contact. No runaround. No finger-pointing. Our decades of experience in the South Florida construction market means we will always cut through the fog and bring your clarity. We communicate with transparency both to you and to the contractors, removing all ambiguity and making expectations known.



What better results could we offer you and a project delivered on time and on budget? That’s a great start but we also help to ensure the quality levels you expect and the quality levels we demand are met or exceeded. You want lasting value from your project. Let us partner with you to get it done right.