Ready for a Refresh?

Are you ready for a refresh? Has your business changed over time and your workspace no longer matching your needs? If so, it’s time for a renovation. Ivy is your best partner for renovations. We start with feasibility studies and preconstruction analysis, as well as construction services with project management and quality control. Ivy gets the job done.


We are ready. Are you?

Why renovate and why now? Our clients share many reasons for starting a renovation project. The top reason is company image. Has your logo changed? New website? New cards? How about a new office look to go along with this refresh? The next reason is efficiency. How your work space is laid out plays an important role in how efficient your team works. A refresh could breathe now life into your workflow. Finally, many clients are renovating their space to increase energy efficiency. Choice in materials, insulation and lighting can have a huge impact on your company’s electric bill and carbon footprint.

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Renovations Portfolio

Explore how we’ve helped other companies in South Florida renovate their work spaces.

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